Activating your ZOIG.COM account

To activate your ZG! account you have to verify your email address.

1. Go to the sign up page. If you're already registered go to step 4.

2. Enter your details such as email, user name, password, etc and click the "Sign Me Up" button at the bottom.

3. If your your sign up information is valid, you should see this:

4. Now you have to check your email.
Due to the high amount of activation emails we're sending some email providers mark our emails as JUNK/SPAM. WE DO NOT SPAM! EVER! @#$%^
If our mail ended in your SPAM/JUNK folder, make sure you mark it as "NOT JUNK", as it's not spam. That way you shouldn't have any problems receiving help from us if you ever need it.

5. You have 3 choices to activate your account:
- To activate your account immediately - just click on the URL address (1.)
- If for some reason you can not click on it, just copy it into a web browser (2.)
- If you don't know how to copy it, see the activation word and write it down. (3.) (and see step 7)

6. If the successful registration page (see 3) is still open, just enter the secret word and click "Activate Me". If not, go to

7. The third way to activate your account is to log in using your user name and password. Then go to "My Account". Click on "Activate your account" link and you should see this:

Enter your secret word you got from us, click "Activate Me" and you are done!

THAT'S IT! You're activated!

If for some reason you didn't get the activation email, use the "Resend email" link and we'll send it again. If you want to change your email, just click on the "Change email" link. We'll change your email and send the activation email again.